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Whiteout (2004) - Ken Follet Review

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- Thriller

Tagline : Human Betrayal . Medical Terror and a race against time ...

Plot summary - When a new cure against a deadly virus, more dangerous than Ebola, is stolen from a lab in Scotland, Toni Gallo, head of security, knows that she has failed. But soon things turn out to be a lot worse when the virus itself is also stolen, with inside assistance, to be used in a terrorist attack. Through a Christmas Eve blizzard, and without much help from the local police, Toni has to chase the thieves to recover the virus and save the future of the lab as well as prevent a dangerous outbreak. Meanwhile, she's falling in love with her boss, who's throwing a Christmas party at his nearby mansion. ( Source : Wikipedia )

ReviewSky - 3 / 5

Why not 5/5 : It took me 3 days to read this book . That explains a lot .

Price : Rs. 295

If you liked this novel , you'll definitely like : Seawitch by Alistair Mclean , etc.

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